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I want to live, not just survive

Life is short. Live every day like it's your last. Enjoy every moment, every memory, every feeling, it doesn't last forever. Make the best out of everything. See the beauty in the little things. Live, i want to live my life, not just survive. 

i love days when my only problem is coffee or tea?

Sunday is a good day, I like sundays. Wear your pajama all day, read a book, watch your favorite movie or just chill out with your friends. It's a relaxing day. I usually spend my sundays at home resting before a new, stressing week start. 


a trip to the mall

Hi sweeties ♥ I've been to the mall today with my parents. Since my old phone probably wont work much longer, I've been searching for a new phone for a while. After a trip to the mall, talking to different people about different phones and drinking some smoothie, we finally decided to order iPhone 5 from Apple Store. Yey ♥ Can't wait until I get it, but unfortunately i won't get it before 3-5 weeks. :( But, hey!! I'm getting my first iPhone! Byee 

combat boots and falling leaves

The sun is shining, the leaves are falling and i am smiling. This is a good day. I have been sick all this week, but I'm finally starting to get better. I'm not nauseous anymore and my headache is so much better. Unfortunately my throat isn't good yet, it's actually gotten worse, so I dressed up in thick sweaters, knitted scarfs and I'm drinking tea and hot chocolate all the time...

super cute owl lip balm

Seriously, isn't this just the cutest thing you've ever seen? I love him And the best part, it is a lip balm! Like, oh my god, how adorable is that?! And it smells so good. You remember when you was a little girl and you had all this lip glosses with this sweet smell? Yeah, exactly!! It smells just like that, it's like childhood out of an owls butt (the lip balm is in his but, so...)! It's super cute and I love him ♥ 


Going to the mall with my parents, looking for a new phone cause my old one is broken, ha ha. Byee 

outfit // pastel dress and polkadots

Pink dress from Cubus, black lace vest from Goelia, dotted tights and knitted scarf from H&M and black winter shoes from Converse 


fall time

Oh, how I love fall!  All the pretty colours and all the leaves on the ground, knitted sweaters and scarfs. Previously I didn't like fall, but i've learned to see the beauty in the little things, something that's often is very important. 

Pictures is taken in Slottsparken in Oslo, Norway. Byee <3

Hello, my name is...

Hello! My name is Mathilde and this is my new blog. I'm a 16 years old young girl. I live in Norway, you can follow my norwegian blog HERE or simply type in http://mathene.blogg.no. This is a picture of me

Im a very feminine girl who love skirts, bows, mustaches, owls, pastels, knit sweaters, dancing, photography, music and hot chocolate. I am going to write about a lot of different things, fashion, photography, music, recipes, hauls, my life and so. 

So now you know a little bit about me and hopefully i'm gonna update you often. Byee sweeties