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Hey guys!

What how you been doing this weekend? Well, me and Rine have been in Oslo, hanging up Take me home-posters. One Direction releases their new album, Take me home, friday, november 9th. I can't wait! I've already pre-ordered it and I'm looking forward to get their new album in my mailbox. I already know it's fantastic without even heard it yet! I love Little things, it's so beautiful and the new music video which was released on friday is just amazing!

Friday was the best day of my whole entire life... I GOT TICKETS TO ONE DIRECTION TAKE ME HOME TOUR IN NORWAY MAY 7TH!!! I can't wait!! We sat outside at Spektrum for one and a half hours in queue to get tickets, so when we got seats at row eight - WOW, I never been so happy before! We was screaming and crying and couldn't breath, it all felt so unreal. Like, row 8, thats just a few meters away from our idols!

Have a wonderful sunday everybody  Byee!

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