the last week

Hi sweethearts! I'm so sorry, but i've had so much to do the last week, and when i got some time off i've spent it on stressing down...

Me and some friends where on a photo shoot yesterday to a school project.  I was Alice in Wonderland and it was so much fun!! I'd love to do it again, and the pictures was actually a little cool. I think I'm maybe gonna show you some of the pictures later, but I'm not shore.

I've had my presentation about graphic design, art poster today, my teacher said it went well, therefor am I now sitting on Wayne's coffee with a delicious caramel frappuccino before I'm heading my way home again.

By the way, take a look at my new Youtube channel! Me and my friend, Rine, made a new channel yesterday. Were going to try post a lot of movies, the best friend test, blindfolded make up, maybe some hauls or beauty tips? What do you want to see?

Our first movie:

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